Shareef Keyes is a touring musician from Brooklyn, NY.

In 2014, Keyes founded The Groove, an R&B/funk collective comprised of NYC’s finest emerging musicians. Four years later, Shareef Keyes & The Groove released their debut EP Cooking Something featuring the singles “Cupcake”, “Potato Salad”, and “Spaghetti” featuring Ghostface Killah.

Following the success of his heavy-hitting funk debut, Keyes released the follow-up EP My Mood, a minimalist exploration of his contemporary R&B influences. My Mood was universally well-received, propelling Keyes to a regional U.S. tour and earning him spotlight from notable corporate partners.

"Spreading happiness through funk music" is Keyes' humble mission statement. As those who have experienced the fervor of The Groove firsthand can attest, he’s well on his way.