Welcome To The Funk

As a fellow Brooklyn based creative visionary famous stated, "I Live For The Funk, I'll Die For The Funk". As an artist, I'm lucky to draw inspiration from dope shit on the daily, and "The Funk" is a weekly series dedicated to the many influences I find exceptionally awesome funky on aesthetically appreciative level. Content from my blog series will consist of life-changing cultural consumption from movies, songs, visual artwork, encounters, interpersonal relationships, and pretty much anything and everything that serves as a catalyst to my personal and creative growth.

 In addition, if you're a friend, fan, supporter or subscriber, don't be a stranger. Keep the synergy flowing by sharing your own personal stories, and I'll be sure to post my favorite fan submissions.  

     The Rise Episode 4 "Decisions" - A MRKQJ FLICK 

After spending more time with Fred, Y finally thinks he is ready for his first real mission, but will Fred be able to live up to Y's expectations?

           Tchaikovsky Famous 1812 Overture pt 2

                                         I need a hit of this every few weeks or so.

                      "The Cypher" by Empire Mafia

Empire Mafia is a young music collective, all six of the members hail from the Harlem and Bronx area of New York City. All the members of the collective, exhibits have individual talents in the mediums of music, writing, producing and engineering.      www.empirethenationrecords.com

              "Believe" by CHISE ft. SHAREEF KEYES

                            Believe in your vision. Believe in your struggle. Believe in yourself. A dedication to everybody following their dreams and in-depth look at the difficulty an artist faces on a daily basis. "Believe" was originally written as a reminder for myself to keep grinding despite dealing with all the stress that comes along with the creative career path I chose. Ideally, my individual note-to-self can serve as inspiration to you as well. #AlmostThere #Believe. "Believe" is the second single off of #ATVVV, which is officially dropping 2/16/14.

                         "Mercury" by TRIBE GVNG

                         Off "V For All" available for download now at: http://indy.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes...

            "The Migrants Arrived In Great Numbers"      

                                                                                                    by Jacob Lawerence

                                                                                               by Jacob Lawerence

"Ain't Got No, I Got Life" by Nina Simone

          Nina Simone evokes so many emotions with every performance so effortlessly, she's one of a kind.

"Signed, Sealed, Delivered" by Stevie Wonder

                                                This version is so STANKY!!! STEVIE YOUR A GOD


               "Fantastic Mr. Fox" by Wes anderson

                                                                   This Movie Inspired me to create Electronic Fox

                                                                   This Movie Inspired me to create Electronic Fox

"Her" by Spike Jonze

                                                                                    THIS MOVIE IS FUCKN AWESOME

                                                                                 THIS MOVIE IS FUCKN AWESOME

                "Stand For Something" by Glo' Keyes

                                                               MY FAVORITE CREATOR PERIOD.

                             "The Rise" by MRKQJ

                                                    Y, originally from Bedstuy had grown an empire in different neighborhoods throughout Brooklyn that he founded at the tender age of 14. Y was arrested in 2003 and sentenced to 10 years in maximum prison, he was only 18. Y has just been released and is looking to recreate his empire, by any means necessary.